Alexander Lamont Introduces the Second Piece of His Scholar’s Collection

15.11.2012 14:32

Quill Vases are the second piece in the new Scholars Collection from Alexander Lamont
Alexander Lamont

Alexander Lamont has been hard at work on a very special collection for the past 12 months.  Last week we introduced you to the first piece of the collection, the Nocturne Lantern.  This week we are proud to announce the second piece of this new extremely unique collection, "Quill Vases."  These vases are designed by Ryosuke Harashima of Kanazawa, Japan.  The lovely, graceful forms of the vases, lean gently and pivot on an angled base.  Ryosuke took his inspiration for the vases from the slender bronze vases that hold a single bud and are used in the Tokonoma (niche) of the tearoom. These vases sit beautifully in the hand, like birds.

Mr. Lamont will be introducing a total of seven new pieces for the Scholar Collection.  We look forward with anticipation for next weeks lovely addition to this collection.

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