Thai Brand, +Sense is showcased in the Thai Talent Booth at Maison & Objet

12.10.2012 16:38

+Sense is featured at the Thai Talent booth at Maison & Objet in Paris
Apirat Boonruangthaworn

Thai Talent is a showcase of young and up and coming designers in Thailand, selected and organized by the Thai Office of Product Value Promotion.

This year Thai Talent’s booth at Maison and Objet showcased Six Designers.  One of the designers was Apirat Boonruangthaworn and his Brand, + Sense.

Bangkok born designer Apirat Boonruangthaworn graduated in 2005 with a degree in Industrial Design.  Since 2009 Apriat has become fully independent in terms of design and in 2010, under his direction, the Thai Brand, + Sense was created.

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