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25.03.2010 08:45 (comments: 0)

Kunakij Organic & Simple

The KUN focus is on the creation of steel and aluminum interior and outdoor furniture envisioned by Thai designers

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25.03.2010 02:15 (comments: 0)

At Home with T-Style

T-Style was presented at TIFF 2010 by world renowned design expert Toshiyuki Kita.

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24.03.2010 04:15 (comments: 1)

Why Waste Potential Wealth?

“Waste to Wealth” is an educational exercise that urges manufacturers to practice recycling and waste management.

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23.03.2010 04:15 (comments: 1)

Green Furniture Factory for Sustainable Environment

The "Green Furniture Factory for Sustainable Environment" focuses on good business via sustainable practices.

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22.03.2010 14:42 (comments: 0)

Interview: Rapee Leelasiri

Rapee Leelasiri is Chief Designer at All Art Craft Co., Ltd. in Bangkok.

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10.03.2010 04:15 (comments: 0)

Thailand International Furniture Fair 2010 officially opened

Ministry of Commerce, Mrs. Porntiva Nakasai, officially opened the Thailand International Furniture Fair 2010.

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